Know the Differences between LOVE and LUST

So many of us have heard “I LOVE YOU” so much and so often, that it is confusing about what Love actually is. It’s sad that LOVE is a word used so carelessly Now-a-days. People are so caught up in the infatuation of “being in love”, that they fail to actually realize the differences between what LOVE is and what LUST is…

LOVE gives / sacrifices. LUST takes.
LOVE is easily satisfied. LUST is never satisfied.
LOVE grows. LUST dies.
LOVE is patient. LUST rushes.
LOVE appreciates. LUST depreciates.
LOVE compromises. LUST is uncompromising.
LOVE is humble. LUST is prideful.
LOVE seeks out good character and integrity. LUST seeks only physical / sexual attraction.
LOVE goes the extra mile. LUST makes excuses.
LOVE protects. LUST hurts.
LOVE makes a choice. LUST is indecisive.
LOVE is accountable. LUST is irresponsible.
LOVE is truthful. LUST is deceitful.
LOVE is lasting. LUST is temporary.
LOVE is a matter of the heart. LUST is a state of mind.
LOVE is an action, LOVE is honest, LOVE is transparent…GOD IS LOVE (John 3:16; 1 Cor 13:4-13)

#Love #Lust #Relationships


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